*RELEASE* Fou De Toi- Only In My Head

5/03/2016 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I'm still confused why a band from Sweden has a French stage name, but honestly there are more baffling things in the world—like WHY Sarah Jessica Parker decided to dress like a gender-confused Captain Hook at the Met Ball for one. Anyways, if Fou De Toi continues to unleash their addictive brand of indie-pop unto the world, they can go by whatever the fuck they want. "Only In My Head" is the first single off the band's forthcoming EP and it's every bit as enjoyable as last month's "Don't Know What To Do." While the verses showcase some idiosyncratic synth choices and a late-80's-styled drumbeat that has me wanting to run in slow-motion down the beach like a Baywatch lifeguard, the chorus is where this track really shines. It has that infectious, happy-go-lucky sound to it that would close out a set at a music festival beautifully. I just want to sway enthusiastically in a sun-bathed crowd to this as we collectively echo "head -ed -ed -ed -ed -ed" back to the band. How do I make this scene become my reality, I have no fucking clue, but a girl can dream.