Terror Jr.- Sugar

5/05/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Idk where da fuq this trio came from, but I am so so glad they have arrived on the indie-music scene. Both their previous single, "3 Strikes," and "Sugar," their latest, are a breath of fresh air on the HypeM charts. I mean, seriously, if I see one more shitty remix of a K. Flay song, I'm gonna throw a Marissa-Cooper-sized tantrum (we allllll know the one I'm talking about).

With it's saccharine lead vocals, squeaky synth, and infectious finger snaps, "Sugar" is the only non-Lemonade song currently on my playlist (#theHIGHESTofpraises). It's like Kiiara but without the 1-hit-wonder stigma that our Frida-Kahlo-wannabe is slowly developing. This comes as no shock considering **PLOT TWIST** two of the three members of Terror Jr. are responsible for producing Kiiara's "Gold." Still not sold on their stage name, but I'll get over it. I actually heard this wasn't their original epithet choice. Rumor has it they were gonna name themselves after Donald Trump Jr., but then they decided "Terror Jr." was basically the same thing anyway.