#ICYMI June & July 2016 Submissions

7/26/2016 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Like all major television networks, we seem to follow this trend where, every May, we get SUPREMELY lazy and straight up stop producing new content for about two months (yeeeeeah, sry 'bout that. Summer called and I answered on the first fucking ring). But we're finally back at it again!! Yes it has been so long that I can't even make a "damn Daniel" reference there, but, like Aunt Flo or pizza delivery, better late than never, amiright???

Here are the the three top tunes I found sitting, oh-so-tragically neglected, in our inbox upon returning from our (can we still label it as "brief" -___-) haitus:

Viceroy- Fade Out (ft. Gavin Turek)
With those saccharine vocals flowing smoothly over that mellow funk production, I'm filing this under songs both Cyndi Lauper and Barry White would love.

Satellite Mode- Family
Satellite Mode continues their trend of highlighting Jess' vocal prowess here. "Family" definitely showcases a MSMR-eqsue facet of her voice, and who doesn't love a little ghostly tinge in their vocals?? Filing this under: things I want to listen to while walking through a fog machine.

Micky Blue- Little White Lies
My super is doing work on our gas heater while I'm listening to this out loud RN....... lol. Pretty sure he thinks I'm conducting the world's tiniest seance. But he's gotta at least appreciate the fact that I'm summoning the devil to a super stellar tune. Filing this under: Things you listen to between watching Stevie Nicks live performances on YouTube and episodes of American Horror Story: Coven. And watch the music video too, y'all!