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   "Now that's how you write a show review! 
Click the link and read the full article below—
Trust us, its worth your time. Thanks Tunes4Loons!"
-Twin Wave@twinwavesounds (5/10/16, via FB)

"@tunes4loons greatest write up in the history
of music... Bless u"
-Terror Jr.@terrorjrmusic (5/5/16, via Twitter)

   "These girls are great"
-Satellite Mode@satellitemode (3/8/16, via Twitter)

"Had so much fun chatting with @tunes4loons!
Check out our interview here"
-Paperwhite@paperwhitemusic (3/3/16, via Twitter)

   "@tunes4loons haha, this is amazing, big love"
-LISBON@wearelisbon (3/1/16, via Twitter)

"Hahahahha hilarious write up! #2pacorbust"
-Pretty Sister, @prettysismusic (2/12/16, via Twitter)

   "loved everything about this review by @tunes4loons"
-El Mar, @iamelmar(1/16/16, via Twitter)

"V good times with T4L"
-XYLØ@wearexylo (1/9/16, via Twitter)

"I had a blast getting to know these ladies, they
are badass! Read their blog, it will make you laugh but
also find great new artists"
-Micky Blue, @mickyblue (12/4/15, via Instagram)

   "Hahah I always love your write-ups."
-Jojee, @jojeemusic (11/11/15, via Twitter)

"@tunes4loons You totally get us! We should all get
into a telepod (like inThe Fly) and transform into grotesque
Goldblum-esque mutants. Xo" 
-XYLØ, @wearexylo (10/12/15, via Twitter)

   "@tunes4loons lol this is a great post"
-Two Friends, @twofriendsmusic (9/22/15, via Twitter)

     "@tunes4loons Lol you're hilarious
-Kiiara, @kiiaraonline (7/28/15, via Twitter)

   "guys @tunes4loons is srsly the funniest blog ever."
-Catey Shaw, @cateyshaw (7/15/15, via Twitter)

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always love reading your write-ups
-Thero, @TheroMusic (7/8/15, via Twitter)

   "@tunes4loons lol this is amazing"
-FLETCHER, @findfletcher (6/26/15, via Twitter)

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hahaha love this so much!!
-The Chainsmokers, @The Chainsmokers (5/21/15, via Twitter)

   "The prize for our 'favourite blog post
of all time' goes to Tunes4Loons"
-Radio On, @thisisradioon (5/1/15, via FB)

     "@tunes4loons @BoilerNL Nicely 
written review hahaha. Thanks!
-Redondo, @RedondoMusicNL (4/30/15, via Twitter)

  "@tunes4loons thinks we should have
trampolines at our shows?Who else agrees!?"
-Cheat Codes, @CheatCodesMusic (4/19/15, via Twitter)

     "@tunes4loons love the write-up guys!
-Cheat Codes, @CheatCodesMusic (4/19/15, via Twitter)

     "Still my fav article yet! Thanks Tunes4Loons"
-NoMBe, @NoahMcBeth (4/11/15, via FB)

     "'We'll give u good music, but we're
going to bitch about it first.' Love it. @tunes4loons
our dirty clothes thank u"
-Verre, @verreband (4/9/15, via Twitter)

    "@tunes4loons hahaha! love it" 
-SIVIK, @theSIVIK (4/7/15, via Twitter)

     "This is by far the weirdest
review I've gotten, love it @tunes4loons"
-NoMBe, @NoahMcBeth (3/31/15, via Twitter)

    "@tunes4loons whoever wrote the article on me is 
fucking hilarious. I love them. tell them i love them" 
-ALMOND, @almondisnuts (3/26/15, via Twitter)

      "This is the best write-up anyone has ever 
written for any of my artist's songs. ever." 
-Georgio Constantinou, manager, Speaker of the House (3/9/15, via FB)

    "@tunes4loons you always make me Lolz" 
-FRANKIE, @Music FRANKIE (3/9/15, via Twitter)

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-Speaker of the House, @spkrofthehouse (3/9/15, via Twitter)

     "@tunes4loons HAH! Love the GIF's! Brilliant."
-CHLOE BLACK, @chloeblackmusic (3/9/15, via Twitter)

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-FRANKIE, @MusicFRANKIE (2/11/15, via Twitter)

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really made me laugh #inagoodway" 
-Natalie McCool, @NatalieMcCool (2/11/15, via Twitter)

     "@tunes4loons you always have 
the best write ups wanna kiss u"
 -Phoebe Ryan, @ph0eberyan (1/28/15, via Twitter)

     "@tunes4loons U got our attention too! Glad u like it!" 
-WILDE, @We_Are_Wilde (12/27/14, via Twitter)